GB GM Thompson had it right all along Green Bay Packer General Manager

Ted Thompson has been the most reviled member of the Packers by fans and media for the last few years as he steadfastly resisted giving up draft picks to obtain big-name players that were available via trade. However, despite devastating injuries to the 2010 version of his team, the Packers have been able to produce at a high level due to the depth created by Thompson and his penchant for strengthening the roster through the draft. Despite missing nearly half of the starting defense due to injuries or suspension, the Packers surprisingly shut out the New York Jets last Sunday on the road 9-0. It was perhaps, the most visible manifestation of accumulating depth through the draft and un-drafted free agents from the much-maligned Thompson. Everyone can plainly see that first-round picks such as Clay Matthews, B.J. Raji and Bryan Bulaga are important to the development of a team, but players like sixth-round pick Desmond Bishop, seventh-round pick C.J. Wilson and un-drafted free agents Frank Zombo and Sam Shields are key to providing adequate depth when the injury bug hits. We know it is difficult to comprehend an intangible such as a future draft pick compared to a known quantity such as a Marshawn Lynch or a Randy Moss, but Ted Thompson has shown a remarkable quality to evaluate talent with the notable exceptions of Justin Harrell and Brian Brohm. This year’s version of the Packers has taken a big hit because of the quantity of injuries to front-line players such as Jermichael Finley, Ryan Grant and Nick Barnett. Unfortunately, these losses will most likely keep the Packers from reaching the Super Bowl. However, the season will not entirely go to waste as the team still has a legitimate shot to win the NFC North, in large part to the efforts of Ted Thompson, as his penchant for keeping numerous draft picks has shown to be astute.

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