Does Rodgers have the ‘it’ factor?

By Tim Bouvine

Brett Favre has it. Joe Montana had it. John Elway did too. That intangible trait belies statistical measurement and mystifies a top performer to super human status. Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers has exceeded all statistical expectations as he has attempted to replace Brett Favre, but what about the “it” factor?

My nephew, Brett Maciejeski, who for some ungodly reason turned out to be a Vikings fan, used to just cringe when old No. 4 would come out onto the field in the last two minutes, trailing by a few points on the scoreboard but seemingly already ahead in the opponent’s mind. Everyone knew Favre was going to pull out a dramatic victory for the Green and Gold. It didn’t really matter that victory did not always happen for the Packers in this situation, it just always felt like it was GOING to happen.

Confidence is another intangible that is difficult to quantify. The “it” factor inspires confidence in all teammates and perhaps is the reason that a great player makes all those around him even better.

We now have enough of a sample size with Aaron Rodgers as a starting quarterback for the Packers to draw this conclusion. It appears that Rodgers has equaled or outperformed Favre the last two seasons from a statistical standpoint, but he fails miserably in the “it” factor as the Packers are 1-9 in games decided by three points or less with Rodgers as the starting QB.

A friend, Kyle Peterson of Superior, has been the forerunner in this comparison for some time. Because the young man sees everything in “Favre colored glasses” many discounted his analysis. It pains me to no end to admit that this indeed is the case, for now.

Congratulations Kyle, you have now won me over and that is a very difficult sell.

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